What Size Do Candles Sell the Most? How to Know Which Are Best for You.

Thirty-five percent of candle sales for the year will happen during the holiday season, and 8 oz candles are the best-selling size on the market.  Which size candle that is best for you will depend on the direction you’re trying to go with for your brand. It is recommended that you carry an assortment for decorative purposes and to give shoppers variety, and your best seller should be sold in your widest variety of scents.

The best-selling candle is an 8 oz cylindrical, seasonal scented candle such as pumpkin spice and pine. They are the most popular jarred and made with soy wax. To know which candle is best for you you’ll need to take into consideration what season it is, what kind of containers you’re going to use, and what kind of wax you’re going to use to craft the candles.

Let’s discuss the differences in candles further so you know how to tell which candles are best for you.

Candle Sizes

It’s recommended you make different sized candles to flush out your brand’s collection, but why are 8 oz candles the best sellers?

8 oz Candles

What Size Do Candles Sell the Most? How to Know Which Are Best for You.

8 oz candles are the most popular size because they’re large enough to last a long time, they burn long enough and wide enough to really create a scent, and they’re just large enough to pretty things up without overtaking space.

This size will be considered your “regular” candle, and how you price the rest of your candles should boost the sales of this one. This one should be the candle you create the most to both drives down your production costs and keep a good supply of these in stock.

These are the candles that most consumers think of when purchasing a candle. They’re easy to fit into boxes or add to gift baskets while still promising quite a number of hours of illumination. You can get creative with candle colors vs. jar colors as well to create even more choices for your company.

What you choose to jar in your 8 oz candles will also make or break your product line. Make sure your scents are dialed in and consistent, especially in candles this size. They will be your brand ambassadors for word-of-mouth sales.

4 oz Candles

Candles of this size are pretty, but they don’t offer much by the way of scent because they’re too small. They don’t sell nearly as often as 8 oz candles and higher, so unless you’re a super popular seller and can afford an outlier, it’s best to leave these out of production until you’re well established.

Cute little tins can be made from these candles in a way that larger candles cannot because the tin would get too hot. Because these are the least desirable size of candles, make just a few batches that are priced a little higher to boost the sales of the 8 oz candle.

10 oz Candles

These won’t sell quite as often as the 8 oz variety, but they can still be single wick if made a little taller, and it adds another quick upsell to your line of candles. It also allows those decorating their house with your candles the opportunity to include another sized candle in their set.

12 oz Candles

These candles are multi-wick and are usually sold at a premium. While these won’t be the staple of your business, they’re something that a fan of your line may want to buy for that special occasion. It’s a hefty-priced add-on sale.

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Jarred Candles

What Size Do Candles Sell the Most? How to Know Which Are Best for You.

The candles that sell the best by far are wide-mouthed jarred candles. There are several different kinds of jars to choose from, and glass is a great choice because it’s temperature resistant. Other containers, if not designed with care, can get very hot.

There are a plethora of jar types. Whatever you do with glass, you can do with a jar. They can be multi-colored, shaped like a star, patterned, etc. There are also mason jars and jam jars that can be purchased. You can also upcycle jam jars and mason jars and create another level of complexity to your branding.

Do not upcycle containers that have already had a candle burning in them. Most containers are designed for one burn, and multiple burns can compromise the integrity of the glass which can be disastrous and dangerous.

If you want to spruce up your jar beyond labels, think about crafting custom candle holders that fit your jar. This offers a creative punch to your product line that helps elevate the original candle concept.

Tin-looking cans do come in a close second behind jars as far as candle design. If they’re made from the right metal, they do not conduct heat and can offer a rustic vibe to the entire package. These can be considered in lieu of jars.

Types of Candle Wax

Now that we’ve established what an 8 oz jarred candle brings to the table, let’s look over the types of waxes available when you go to make your staple. The three main kinds of wax are paraffin wax, coconut wax, and soy wax.

Paraffin Wax

These are the cheap candles you see at Walmart and grocery stores. An 8 oz candle averages about $5, so it’s the cheapest option. These dominate the market in large chains. These kinds of candles have a bad wrap around more health-conscious consumers because the candles themselves are made from fossil fuels and the smoke contains known carcinogens.

While this health risk is minimal, it’s concerning that it might be a risk at all to plenty of people that its use is noticeably on the decline in favor of more earth-friendly options.

Coconut Wax

Coconut wax is another choice if you’re looking for a better option. It’s the healthiest option because it produces the least soot and smoke that you can breathe in. Coconut meat is cold-pressed to make pure coconut wax.

Coconut wax of course smells of coconuts when burned, and the scents used when mixed into this should complement that natural scent since it’s what usually draws people to the product Because these candles are naturally white, they’re easy to dye into other colors. Coconut wax is often mixed with soy wax to create a blend.

Soy Wax

What Size Do Candles Sell the Most? How to Know Which Are Best for You.

A large swath of candle consumers want a soy wax candle, so much so that this is actually the most popular candle on the market even though these candles are sold in the $15-$20 price range.

Consumers are more health-conscious and seek out sustainable options in their purchases and soy wax provides that. Parrafin wax contains known carcinogens, so soy wax candles are a cleaner burning experience. Coconut wax is made from an imported food source, whereas soy wax candles are sourced locally as soy is a cash crop in the USA.

Given that these are the most popular candles right now, even mass retailers have caught onto the trend and are providing soy wax options.

Types of Fragrances

There are two main fragrance categories to keep in mind when creating your jarred 8 oz candles. While the type of fragrances in these categories can vary, these are generally the two groupings of scents you’ll find on the market at any given time.


Pumpkin spice is a top favorite, and although its newness has rubbed off over a few holiday seasons of stardom, it’s still a top-selling fragrance in the fall. Pine-flavored candles also do well during the Christmas season as most people have a fake tree but want the room to have that evergreen smell.

Offering these predictable staples during a time when candle sales are at an all-time high for the year guarantees easy income. Try offering them in a few sizes so people can buy a set.


You’ll want to do some regional market research to see what people want in your area during certain seasons. What is popular in Wisconsin in the middle of the summer will be much different than what people want in southern California.


Even if you offer the perfect 8 oz candle, remember it’s important to offer different sizes for your repeat customers. The kind of candle you choose should be based on what is specifically in demand in your region as well as take the seasons into consideration.

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