Hi! I’m Shawn Chun and I’m so grateful that you’re here.

As you already know I love the candle industry and the people in it.

You may think I started this website simply because I adore the candle industry. Well, that’s true! I love candles from bee’s wax to soy and even the small niche markets in-between. But more importantly, I created Candle Business Boss because I care so much about candle business owners.

Candle Company Business owners are some of the hardest working, most generous people I know. Sadly, most candle businesses fail because the love of crafting candles and providing awesome service to your customers are completely separate from the business side of running a candle business. To make matters worse, there is no central resource to help owners solve their business problems. Until now…

Enter Candle Business Boss: Your one-stop destination for all the inspired instruction and resources you need to start and grow your candle business and make your life easier.

Candle Business Boss Will Help Your Candle Business Stand Out and Be Talked About.

At Candle Business Boss, we believe that candle business owners are beacons of community and happiness. Happy clients continue to purchase their favorite candles to enjoy for themselves or to provide as gifts.

Our mission is to empower you as a strong leader of your client base. We’ll teach you online marketing strategies, smart branding moves, and more that will make your candle business memorable and worth talking about.

Ultimately, a candle business with an active client base is a candle business that is thriving. So, if you’ve ever asked yourself “Where do I get customers tomorrow?” or “How do I use social media to get more customers?” or just simply “What do I do next?” then you’ve come to the right place!

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Meet Shawn Chun: Entrepreneur and Candle Business Fan.

I’m a happy individual who happens to be an entrepreneur. I have owned several types of businesses in my life from a coffee shop to an import and export business to an online review business plus a few more and now I create online resources for those interested in starting new ventures. It’s demanding work but I love it. I do it for those passionate about their business and their goals. That’s why when I meet a candle business owner at a craft fair, farmers market, retail location or anywhere else I see myself. I know how hard the struggle is to obtain and retain clients, finding good employees all while trying to stay competitive.

I also understand the thrill and excitement of starting a business and being your own boss. I know the satisfaction that comes from creating a product and wanting to get it to as many people as possible, not just to make money but to serve customers and make them happy.

That’s why I created Candle Business Boss: I want to help candle business owners like you build a thriving business that brings you endless joy and supports your ideal lifestyle. To start learning the business tips you need to succeed in your new candle business, subscribe above to my free email newsletter.