What Are The Best Christmas Candle Scents?

As many of us who have had to host Christmas gatherings know, decorating can be complicated. Families will want to be put in a certain mood, and they often want scented candles to help do that. Since scents are a personal preference, what is the best varies from person to person. With that in mind:

Some of the best Christmas candle scents are:

  • Christmas Tree
  • Chocolate
  • Fireplace
  • Citrus
  • Lavender
  • Peppermint
  • Gingerbread
  • Vanilla

Christmas Tree (Often Sold as Frasier Fir)

This may seem like an odd choice for a Christmas candle. After all, if you have a Christmas tree already, why would you need a Christmas tree candle?  The better question is, “Why not?” If you like the scent of Christmas trees you can have a candle in one of the rooms you don’t have a tree in.

The second and more important reason for Christmas tree candles is that some people may not be able to get a Christmas tree in their house. For example, if you have a physical disability, lugging a tree in your house is not in your physical capability, a candle is a good alternative. Some may not have room for one. Others may not be able to afford one. And some people don’t live in regions where Christmas trees grow (think tropical regions).

Having a Christmas tree candle can be good for cases where an actual tree is not able to be used. While you won’t be putting presents under it, a Christmas tree candle plus an aluminum Christmas tree is a good plan for those with a limited budget and living space. 

It’s also good if you simply don’t feel like setting up a Christmas tree or dealing with the cleanup that a real tree entails.


What Are The Best Christmas Candle Scents?

Chocolate is a staple in any Christmas party. Brownies, cookies, cakes, and various Christmas-themed candy, are all served at Christmas. The smell of chocolate is sure to put you and your family in a Christmas mood. However, getting the smell of chocolate in the house can be a bit of a chore. Normal pre-packaged food won’t do it. If you want your home to smell like chocolate, you have to make chocolate products in the kitchen yourself.

Or so you think. Candlemakers large and small have been making a variety of chocolate-scented candles for years. Think of a chocolate product, and there’s a candle for it. Brownies, fudge, and even chocolate chip cookies are available as candle scents. You can make your home smell Chocolatey with any of these. While a chocolate candle won’t take you to a world of pure imagination, it will make your house smell nice.

Of course, there is no guarantee that you won’t immediately desire to make some brownies or cookies yourself but around Christmastime, that’s a good problem to have.

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During the holidays, we see a lot of images of fireplaces come up. There’s the image of the sage grandfather gathering all the children in the family around the fireplace so he can tell the story of Santa or some other Christmas story that has been passed down for centuries.

Other times, we think of our ancestors gathering around the fireplace to warm up from the bitter cold of winter. 

While some homes still have fireplaces, fireplaces are increasingly becoming a luxury rather than a necessity. While most homes are heated with gas or electricity, there might be some things missing from a fireplace-free home on Christmas. Such as the scent of burning logs. For some, particularly older people, this can be a nostalgic scent that reminds them of their childhoods spent around the fireplace at Christmas. Even if you don’t have a particular connection to fireplaces, the candles still smell good. For the best nostalgia-inducing results, put on a YouTube video of a fireplace, so you have the sounds of a fireplace. You won’t be able to recreate the days of old, but you’ll get close.


I know this sounds weird? A citrus candle is not what you think of when you think of Christmas scents. But some people might like a candle that reminds them of being in a tropical paradise. Not everyone likes winter after all. Some people, myself included, would much rather it be any season but Winter. We’d rather not have to deal with ice, snow, and the fact that at least one radio station will be playing nothing but bad covers of Christmas songs until New Year’s Day.

So, for those of us Winter-haters out there, a reminder of Summer can improve our moods. A lemon candle can remind us of selling lemonade. A tropical fruit candle can take us to the beach and forget the fact that there’s a blizzard outside, even if only for a short time before we have to shovel snow and slush again. Be sure to open your mind when shopping for candle gifts.


This is another non-traditional Christmas scent, but I think it’s a necessary inclusion. The holidays are often more stressful than they perhaps should be. You have to buy gifts for your family. You have to brace yourself for a tantrum when you tell your kid that he’s not getting the popular toy or video game they want. You’ll have to deal with family members that you don’t want to deal with. And you have to put on a smile. 

It’s less easy if you’re the person who has to host the Christmas party. You’ll probably end up doing most of the cleaning and cooking, spend a good portion of the party wondering if it’s going to be good enough for the guests, and dealing with the guest that nothing is ever good enough for.

Since you can’t banish all your guests and go into hibernation until Spring, you need to find ways to help manage your stress. One thing that might help is a lavender-scented candle. Lavender candles have proven benefits when it comes to helping with stress, including helping improve sleep (especially helpful the night before the big day). And its calming scent might help keep people in a calm mood and hopefully avoid family fights.


What Are The Best Christmas Candle Scents?

Back to the more conventional scents, there’s peppermint. Peppermint is in almost everything during Christmastime, so it’s good if you want to get your room smelling like the holidays. And while some people’s mileage may vary on the taste of peppermint, it does smell good.

That good smell has some other benefits. Peppermint has been shown to help relieve headaches and digestive issues. This can help if you’re dealing with a loud gathering (especially when the noise-making toys have been brought out) or have eaten something questionable.


Gingerbread is an iconic holiday treat that can come in many forms. Including houses, men, and now candles. I’ve never been much for cookies, but I have always liked the smell. I’ve known some people make gingerbread cookies just for the smell. Of course, if I want my house to smell like gingerbread without the actual work of baking, a gingerbread candle is an easy way to do that and help you get your childhood Christmas nostalgia fixed. Plus, the candle jars gingerbread candles come in blend easily with most interior Christmas decorations.

Plus, if you’re a prankster, you can get people’s hopes up and dash them for mildly humorous holiday hijinks.


A lot of Christmas scents are based around baked goods (for obvious reasons). So why not round this list off with a baking standby: Vanilla. Vanilla can help your house smell like Christmas if it just stands alone. But one of vanilla’s best attributes is its ability to work with anything in food form or in candle form. Pair it with a chocolate candle and your house will smell like some of the best baked goods you ever had.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about vanilla’s calming and stress relieving properties. This can also help it pair well with lavender and do you some good during the final rush to get your Christmas tasks done

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are some things to keep in mind when lighting candles at my party?

In general, I’d suggest using soy or beeswax candles. Paraffin candles can reduce the air quality in your house and that might not be good when older relatives come over.

What are the best places for my candles?

Preferably some places that is not flammable and out of the reach of children.

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