Unique Candle making Techniques You Must Try!

Candles are made in factories or by hand and some can have fragrances or are unscented, probably to aid those who have allergies. While other candles can be bright and bold in their colors or to be like crisp, clean alabaster, have you ever actually put some thought into what goes into candles and how they are made? Maybe what materials go into making candles, or even what are some unique candles making techniques? In this article I plan to explain the bare basics of candle making at home and then dig deeper into some ways that we can create shapes, styles and even some patterns in your candles. I hope that some of these techniques are elements you could introduce into your own personal candle creations. 

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Some Unique Candle Making Techniques to Try are:

  • Using all-natural and vegan materials and ingredients
  • Having a variety of molds from glass to silicone 
  • Using different elements for decoration from herbs to sprinkles 

     Candles bring so much warmth and life into whatever space that they are brought into, but have you ever wondered what some ways are to make candles? There are various techniques, some more traditional, while others a bit more unique. I will cover three different techniques that could be considered when making candles. One would be using all-natural and vegan wax and materials, two is having a variety of molds from glass to silicone and three is using different elements for decoration. These techniques can create a truly avant-garde candle or just a cool looking piece done by your own hands. 

The Basics of candle making at home 

   I just want to run through what is considered the basics of candle making at home. Once we get that covered then we can go into what I consider the more fun part.

Unique Candle making Techniques You Must Try!
  • Step one in candle making is having excellent quality wax. Wax can be bought in chip form, and it can be bought in blocks. Candle wax can also be bulk bought or, of course, purchased in small portions, which for beginner candle makers might be the best option. There even is a variety of waxes to choose from, like beeswax to paraffin wax to soy wax.

I do not want to overwhelm you, and then you may start to think “Oh my goodness! So many options.”  what it comes down to is what you choose to use is up to you. Now that you have chosen your wax it is time to move to step two through five.

  • Step two through five is getting a good wick and placing it in your mold. Then you would have to stabilize your wick with a wick stabilizer, looks like two chopsticks on top of your candle mold with the wick tied around it to keep it steady and straight. Moving forward you boil your wax in a double boiler keeping safety in mind. After all of that you can put any color or fragrance that you would like.

Step five. Our finishing step, we now want to take our wax port into our mold and Wick that have been stabilized earlier. That’s the bare basics of candle making the traditional way. How about I get into our first technique, that is using all natural or even vegan ingredients when we choose to make our candles at home.

Technique 1: Using all-natural and vegan materials and ingredients 

       Okay hear me out! I know it may not sound like a technique, more of a personal choice, but really being able to utilize all natural and even vegan materials in your candle making helps elevate the candle to a different level. Why use all natural and vegan materials? Just to keep it simple paraffin wax is just petroleum which is akin to burning plastic. I feel like if you’re going to burn anything I rather it not be plastic, especially since you’re going to inhale it. Okay let me get off my soap box and I want to move along into something that is all-natural beeswax. 

     Beeswax is a product made from the honeycomb of bees, so this material comes at the cost of our bees, this wax is not vegan but all natural and it

  • Burns longer
  • Is soot free
  • Pulls toxins from the air 
Soy wax is a product that is made from soybeans and is vegan and an affordable product that
  • burns clean
  • is affordable
  • is a renewable source 

Playing with all natural and vegan soy is not only affordable, but it is the best for the environment. As mentioned above, the basics in candle making all you must do is use the alternative wax the exact same way as you would use paraffin wax. Let us move on to our second technique.

Technique 2: Having a variety of molds from glass to silicone   

Now we have gotten our candle making basics down. We even know what kind of wax; we want to use, what about molds? Furthermore, we can use glass molds and even silicone molds.

  • When it comes to silicone molds it can be whatever we can imagine! From the big to the small, from delicate flowers to even a human skull. 
  • When using a glass mold, we would use the steps from our candle making basics it just comes down to our mold of choice from wine glass to mason jars.

 Silicon molds are a bit more work, because some silicone molds do not have a place for the wick, so you may have to thread a hole for your wick. Let us get to our third and final technique.

Technique 3: Using different elements for decoration from herbs to funfetti

Unique Candle making Techniques You Must Try!

    Our last and final technique is using pressed herbs or funfetti to decorate our homemade candles, it sounds a little crazy, but the results are so worth it. Some herbs that can be used are

  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Lavender

Herb-pressed candles 

To make our herb press candles you must take the herb of your choice and press it firmly against your mold and you would use wax to hold it into place. Press firmly because once you pour your wax you do not want it to move. Let everything set and Voile! You have a beautiful candle surrounded by herbs.

Funfetti candles

When it is time to create our funfetti candles you will have your wax warmed up. Before you pour your wax,

  1.  You need to coat your mold in corn syrup. 
  2. Pour out the access and then fill with funfetti. 

You can just pour it randomly or create a pattern.

I hope these three techniques have helped you see what are some other ways that you can create your candles 

1: Technique one: is using all natural and vegan materials.

 2: Technique two: is having a variety of mold from glass to silicone 

  3: Technique three: is using herbs and funfetti.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is some other candle making techniques that are like the Funfetti candles?
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Some other techniques would be to use confetti, instead of the funfetti. When using the confetti place a thin layer of mod podge on your mold and then place your confetti and let it dry.

What are some methods pros and cons of using a variety of molds?

The pros of using a variety of molds would be creative freedom. While also being able to control the size and shape of the candle being made.  

The Cons would be that dependent on the material, like silicone, it can start to deteriorate faster. Some molds are complicated to use safely. 

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