Top 8 Candle Theme Ideas For Your Business

Coming up with candle themes takes imagination, creativity, and time. They can be difficult and challenging to come up with at first on your own. But look no further than in this article to find some examples that will be great for your business.

The top 8 theme ideas for your candle business are:

  • 1: Themes for Your Kitchen, which can include a Peanut Butter Cookie Candle.
  • 2: Themes for You Sleep Better, for example a Lavender and Jasmine Candle. 
  • 3: Themes to Ignite Romance such as a Love Candle.
  • 4: Themes for Personalized Candles, which can include A 25th Anniversary Candle.
  • 5: Themes for the Living Room, such as a Burning Wood Candle.
  • 6: Themes for Being Homesick, these can include a candle called Philly.
  • 7: Themes for Memory Candles, for example a Football Candle.
  • 8: Themes for a Healing Candle that can include a Meditation Candle.

Candle themes can boost sales and grow your business. They are created to grab the attention of the consumers by painting a picture of the smell and how they fit into a specific room. Think about themes as advertisements for a specific candle instead of advertising for your business as a whole.

Keep reading to find some great candle themes that can give you ideas on how to create your own based on your candles. Feel free to use any of these ideas, if you have candles with these scents and/or names.

How to Come up with Candle Themes

When creating candle themes, it takes some creativity. Go through your line of candles and think about their scents and names. Then think about what events they go best with; what room of the house they go best in and then think of the gimmick that you can create to go with them. Here are some examples.

Candle Themes for Your Kitchen

Top 8 Candle Theme Ideas For Your Business
  1. A Peanut Butter Cookie candle can bring your kitchen to life. Let the smell take you back to when you were a kid in the kitchen baking cookies with your grandmother. The aroma will have memories of the good times rolling all day.
  2. A Dark Roast Coffee candle will wake you up! There is nothing like the smell of freshly brewed coffee to get your blood pumping and to keep it flowing throughout your day. Let the aroma keep you energized.

Candle Themes for You Sleep Better

  1. A Lavender and Jasmine candle in your bedroom will help you sleep at night. Imagine laying down and falling into the best sleep you have ever had. Let these fresh scents slip into your dreams and have you dreaming of walking through the flower garden in the middle of a warm sunny spring day.

Candle Themes to Ignite Romance

  1. A Love Candle can bring romance back into your relationship and your bedroom. Add a rose smell and red color and instead of having to trail rose petals through the house and on the bed, place the love candles throughout the house and let the fragrance and glimmering light lead the way.

Personalized Candles

Personalized candles are becoming a huge hit. Consumers like to put their own personal touches on candles, especially as gifts. They can add photos and quotes to candles that they pick out the scent, color, and container for.

These personalized themed candles can make a gift priceless for the recipient. It will give that extra touch to any birthday, anniversary, engagement gifts, weddings, holiday gifts and any other numerous special occasions.

They can also be great gift ideas for wedding gifts for the guests, housewarmings or baby showers, where the hosts want to give their guests, a gift associated with the occasion. Examples can be:
  1. A baby blue colored wax, with a baby powder scent for a baby boy’s baby shower to hand out to all of the guests when they leave.
  2. A set of golden colored wax sitting inside two champagne glasses, with really any smell, with the photos of the couple when they got married, could be a great 25th wedding anniversary gift.
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Candle Themes for the Living Room

Top 8 Candle Theme Ideas For Your Business
  1. A Burning Wood Candle will make your home smell like a cold winter’s night. Imagine having the smell of a burning fire in your fireplace, but all year around without having the extra heat that it puts off. The smell gives you the idea of that romantic gesture or warmth from the flames.
  2. A Fresh Cut Grass candle will bring the outside inside your home. Who doesn’t like the smell of freshly cut grass! Now think about being able to bring that scent into your home, and you can smell it all day long.

Candle Themes When You Are Homesick

Have you ever left home for a long-extended vacation or for work? What about moving from your hometown to a new city? What about the college student who has gone off to college away from home? 

All of these make us homesick. Making a candle of the scents of someone’s hometown could do the trick to assist them to feel better. 
  1. A candle called Wilmington, NC with the smell of the ocean and magnolia would help ease the feeling of someone being homesick.
  2. A candle called Atlanta with the smell of peaches and their state flower the Cherokee Rose will make someone feel like they are back home.
  3. A candle called Philly made with the smell of cheesesteaks and water ice, could make anyone feeling homesick take a deep breath of that candle and feel right back at home.

Memory Candle Themes

What a great way to bring back memories. You can have scents that can take you back to your childhood. I saw a movie once where the kid made a candle that he named ‘grandpa’ and made it smell like his grandfather’s cologne and Bengay so that he wouldn’t forget how his grandfather smelled after he passed away. 

Top 8 Candle Theme Ideas For Your Business

Now, I am not saying that all memory candles should be memorial candles like the movie example, but you can have some themes that take us back.

  1. A Football Game candle that is in the color of a specific team and smells like nachos, beer, and musky men could take you back to a football game.
  2. A Baseball Game candle could also be in the color of your favorite team, set in a glass baseball, and the smell of popcorn and hot dogs.
  3. A Summer Camp candle made out to smell like roasting marshmallows over an open fire can take you back to those summers where your parents made you go to camp, but it’s where you met your best friend.

Healing Candle Themes

Essential oils and herbs are known to give healing
  1. For instance, a Sage Candle can help women in menopause. The scent of sage is known to decrease cortisol levels in menopause.
  2. A Meditation Candle made from essential oils, coconut wax, cedar wood, and citrus could be great for meditation and yoga.
  3. Looking for a little help in the bedroom? A Fig candle could be the answer. Fig is a natural aphrodisiac!
  4. A Eucalyptus Candle can relieve stress, congestion, decrease pain and blood pressure. Add any number of other scents that can give it a better smell, or even add to the healing components.
  5. A Lemongrass Candle can help with nausea, anxiety and headaches. Lemongrass oil is found in grass and is a common ingredient in herbal teas.
  6. A Cinnamon Candle can help stimulate circulation, reduce high blood pressure, and increase concentration. And most people just think cinnamon smells good. Add it with some other scents like apple, orange, and mint for a smooth smell.

Can Candle Themes Boost Sales?

When you think about the world we live in now, we want something that has more than one function for us. Think about the air fryer. We love it! It can cook pretty much anything from steaks to potatoes. 

This is what we look for in candles too. We used to look for candles that could just light up our homes when the lights went out. Not anymore. We want a good smell too, but we don’t stop there.

We love the scents and have our favorites. But does that candle have any other unique factors that can do more for my home or myself? Does it have a healing component? Can it help me sleep? Does it go with the holiday theme of the month, or match my color scheme?

What this means for your business is that having a themed collection can increase your sales because people are looking for those things. You can create a collection of healing candles and holiday candles, and still keep your individual candles. We still love them all. 

Get creative. The more unique your line is, the more that it will grab the attention of the consumers. We are already looking for candles, so what makes yours different from the one on the shelf beside you? What makes yours standout?

Watch your business grow and sales increase by just adding a few themes to your candle product line.

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Can packaging be a theme?

Yes, packaging can be a theme. You can use shells to be a theme, for example. You can also use candles made like flowers to be a theme, or candles made like bath balls or soap can be a great selling point for someone’s bathroom.

Can I bundle like scents and sell them as a themed line?

Yes, you can bundle like scents and sell them as a packaged set. You could even throw in a candle or two that most people think they wouldn’t like the smell of. They may have a misinterpretation of that smell and could end up loving it.

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