How To Print Designs On Glass Candle Jars In 5 Steps

Owning a candle company can be fun and rewarding when you put time into your business. You can find ways to experiment with new smells, jars, and labels. Making tons of candles will help you narrow down a niche and determine what sells the best. To be a successful candle maker and owner of a small business, you will also need to focus on marketing. One of the best ways to get noticed and drive marketing efforts is printing a design that represents your brand on every candle.

How do you put designs on your candle jars? Here are a few tools and steps you need to do to start.

  1. Design your logo.
  2. Print the design.
  3. Place the design.
  4. Smooth out the tape.
  5. Pull off the transfer tape.

Once you do these basic steps, you will have a new design for each jar. You can customize the size and text for each candle you make.

 This may seem like a complicated process, but with the right tools, it isn’t hard and will only take a few extra minutes. Printing a design representing your company and brand is the next step to elevating your new candle-making business. Designs can be a crucial aspect of your business because they can drive customers to you or away from you.

Steps To Print Designs On Candles

How To Print Designs On Glass Candle Jars In 5 Steps

To start the design process, you will either need to have pre-made vinyl stickers, or you will need to buy a Cricut machine. These machines will help you place a logo on your candles. When you invest in a Cricut machine, you can create several stickers on one page to make the process faster. However, some people may also want to have someone else do this step to skip the creation and printing of the stickers. We will take you through the process from the very beginning.

1.   Design Your Logo

Once you design your logo, you can send this image to the printer and select how many you want to be printed out. You will want the vinyl to print on and transfer tape to move the vinyl stickers for this step.

2.   Print The Design

You will send the design to the printer, using the transfer tape to pick it up. If there are any cutouts, you will need to remove them before putting the vinyl sticker onto the transfer tape.

3.   Place The Design

You will want to center the design on the candle before placing it on. Once it is one, it will be there forever, so it is important to see what it will look like where you want it first.

4.   Smooth Out The Transfer Tape

Once you have placed the vinyl sticker on the glass candle. You will want to smooth out the vinyl sticker with a card. Ensure you get all of the bumps out, and it is evenly placed.

5.   Pull The Transfer Tape Off

Once you are sure the vinyl sticker is smoothed onto your glass jar, you can slowly lift the transfer tape.

If you are planning to make your own labels or designs for your candles, these are the exact steps to do it. However, some business owners may allow someone else to make the stickers. Once you get a roll of newly designed stickers, you can easily smooth them over the jar. However, regular stickers may not work as well as vinyl from a Cricut machine.

Why Designs Are Important To Your Brand

A logo on your candle allows your customers to look at something pretty and remember your brand later on. As a business owner, you should be focusing on designing a logo to make your candles stand out. Here are a few more reasons your logo can be crucial as a business.

First Impressions Matter

A business’s first point of interaction with the customer is through its logo. If created correctly, it may spark the public’s curiosity and urge them to learn more about the business. Nailing this first impression is essential because you may have lost a sale if it doesn’t catch their attention.

It Tells Your Story

How To Print Designs On Glass Candle Jars In 5 Steps

Every good design will tell a story about your company. It will help influence the emotions of your customers. What feeling do you want your business to be known for? Your logo and designs can inspire people to keep buying your candles.

It Keeps Your Business Competitive

When it comes to your company logo, don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd. It will convey a message that stands out from other candle makers in your area. This is one of the reasons it can be so important to work on a good logo and design for your company to use. It’s a way to stand apart from the rest but be memorable.

Your Target Customer Expects It

Most customers are expecting a professional brand to have a logo. This means whether you are a giant company or an at home business your customers are still expecting you to have professional looking products.

How To Choose The Best Design

There is a lot of pressure to design a good logo. Every design placed on your candles should represent your business and what you stand for. Designs need to be timeless and memorable. This logo you design should be something that will look good, small and large. Here are some other things to consider when choosing the best design for your candle company.

  • Use empty space- Believe it or not, empty space can be great for your design. It helps keep the look very clean.
  • Create Shapes- Implementing shapes is an excellent way to stand out from your competitors. Using shapes also allows your design to look good, big or small.
  • Look At Color- Choosing one color in various shades, or multiple colors can draw attention to your candles. You need to consider what kind of feeling your brand wants to give off and choose colors that represent that feeling.
  • Get Creative- Use your imagination to develop something totally creative to represent you. However, keep it in line with your company.

These are just a few tips that will help you choose the best design for the front of your candles. Once you have ideas, you can start printing. If you cannot create your own logo or design for candles, it’s okay to outsource this job to someone else. A designer may help you find inspiration and create a logo for you. Then you can print them and add them to your candles. If you do not have a printer, you can also have someone else make custom labels sent to you in the mail.

What are the best candle making opportunities available?

Consider Etching The Candle Jar Glasses

How To Print Designs On Glass Candle Jars In 5 Steps

One thing that you should consider is etching designs on the jars. This takes just a few minutes and will give your glasses a unique look. Cricut machines will allow you to make customized etched glasses. Here is what you’ll need.

  • Cricut machine (to help make a stencil)
  • Small paintbrush
  • Etching cream

 To start, you will need to clean your glass to ensure there is no dirt. You will then print out your stencil and place it on the glass. Once the stencil is fully smoothed over the glass, you will add in the etching cream. You will let the cream sit as long as the directions say to let it sit. Then you will rinse the cream off and lift the stencil. After that, you will have a perfectly etched candle glass.

Where To Hire Someone To Make a Professional Logo

Just because you are a candle-maker doesn’t mean you have design skills. There is a lot of pressure in creating a good design. You may be able to print the design yourself, but the process of creating a logo to represent your entire brand may be too much for you to handle. Here are some websites to help you find professionals who will help you create the perfect design.

  • Toptal- If you have been searching for a professional designer, this website is the best choice. Designers go through extensive screening and testing before being allowed on the website.
  • Upwork- Finding someone through Upwork is an easy process. You create a post, and freelancers can bid on your job. When you find the right match, Upwork takes care of the money and project terms for you.
  • People Per Hour- If you have a strict budget, you will still be able to find a designer who matches what you can spend. This website will narrow down the designers meaning you save time from not searching through each designer’s profile.

There may be more websites to try like Fiverr and 99Designs, but it is really up to you to find a trusted website that will help connect you with designers. You may even want to try a college student at a local school who is trying to build their portfolio.

Related Questions

How To Print Designs On Glass Candle Jars In 5 Steps

Should every candle maker have a Cricut machine?
Although Cricut machines are not necessary, they are a good choice for small business owners starting at home. These machines can print over 300 materials and can print out multiple logo stickers for your candles. As your business gains customers, you may need to upgrade to a bigger printer.

What can a good logo do for your company?
A well-designed logo can build trust with your clients and spark emotions that keep them loyal to your candles.

Is logo placement important?
Where you place the logo can be crucial to how your customers perceive you. Going for the center can help create symmetry and look very nice. Consider the placement before adding a design to the front of your candles.

Wrapping It Up

Printing the design for your candles is easy, but creating the design can be challenging. It is okay to ask for help and outsource the task to get what you’re really looking for. The design you place on your candle is an essential piece to marketing and will become something you are known for. This is something every candle-maker should consider adding to the candles in glass jars.

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