How Many Pounds of Beeswax Does It Take to Make a Candle?

Candles are an added delight to any room. Making your own candles makes them extra special. Before you start the process, obtaining the right materials and the correct amount of each supply simplifies the candle making process. 

To calculate how many pounds of beeswax it takes to make a candle: Each pound of beeswax equals twenty ounces of volume. Multiply the number of candles you are making by the ounces of wax each container can hold. Take that number and divide it by twenty; that will tell you the pounds of beeswax that you need. 

There are some other factors to consider in your calculations. Continue reading for how to factor in the addition of fragrance or essential oils. More examples of mathematical calculations with numbers are also provided. Get ready to make some beautiful candles.

Beeswax Candle Calculations

Beeswax is the preferred wax of many candle makers. It is a natural by-product from the hives of the honey bees. Pollinators, such as bees, are an essential part of our ecosystem. Candles made from beeswax provide a gently fresh honey scent. The light from the candle illuminates with a golden glow. 

Due to its processing, beeswax is the most expensive wax for candles. Therefore, you want to make sure that you have gone through your calculations before you begin your candle making. Knowing the size of your containers and how many candles that you want to make will give you the data to start with. 

How Many Pounds of Beeswax Does It Take to Make a Candle?

Once you melt a pound of wax, it becomes a liquid. Now that it is a liquid, it is measured in ounces or volume. Each pound of wax will convert into twenty ounces of liquid. If you have more than one pound of wax, it will follow the same mathematical calculation. 

  • 2 pounds of wax equals 40 ounces of volume
  • 3.5 pounds of wax will become 70 ounces of volume
  • With 20 ounces of melted wax, you can fill two 10-ounce containers, or you can fill two 8-ounce containers and one 4-ounce container. 

If you know how many candles you want to make and the size of each, the math to figure out how much wax to buy is similar. Let us look at an example. If you wanted to make six 8-ounce candles, here is how you can calculate the amount of wax you will need. 

6 (number of candles) X 8 ounces (size of the container) = 48 ounces of wax is needed

The next step is to convert the volume of wax to the pounds of wax that you need. 

48 ounces of wax / 20 (the ounces of melted wax) = 2.4 pounds of wax

Use the information from your planned projects and replace your numbers in the sample calculations. 

Though beeswax candles already have the scent of honey and the flowers that the bees visited, some people like to add complementary fragrances. Industry specialists recommend a fragrance load of six to twelve percent. 

There is another mathematical calculation to perform to determine the amount of fragrance to add. Many who supplement the fragrance to beeswax candles are seeking to enhance the scent with vanilla or cinnamon, so a lower fragrance load is suggested. 

Here are the steps; this will assume a fragrance load of six percent. 

5 (pounds of wax) X 0.06 (the percent of desired fragrance) = 0.3 (pounds of fragrance)

If you prefer the answer in ounces, here is another version of the formula.

5 (pounds of wax) X 16 (ounces per pound) = 80 ounces X 0.06 (6 percent fragrance) = 4.8 ounces of fragrance

As with the formula to calculate the amount of wax needed for beeswax candles, you can substitute in your own numbers. Remember to keep a log and record blends and percentages that work well. 

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Benefits of Using Beeswax to Make Candles

How Many Pounds of Beeswax Does It Take to Make a Candle?

With the natural light and scents from beeswax, candle makers enjoy the loveliness of beeswax candles. Flames from these candles emit a light similar to the spectrum of the sun. Beeswax candles also are healthier candles to burn. 

Unlike paraffin candles, which are a by-product from the petroleum industry, beeswax does not produce toxins. When paraffin candles are burned, they can emit chemicals and soot, which are possible carcinogens. Beeswax candles do not discharge any hazardous fumes. 

An additional benefit of beeswax candles

is that they produce negative ions. Negative ions attach to positive ions that are in the air. Positive ions are a combination of the different pollutants that are in the air. When the negative ions connect to the positive ions, the pollutants are dropped from the air to the ground. This is a benefit for everyone. It is especially helpful for allergy and asthma sufferers. Reducing dust and other impurities from the air is another benefit of beeswax candles. 

Some suggest that those who have breathing problems burn beeswax candles in their bedrooms. A lit beeswax candle in a bedroom for thirty to sixty minutes before bedtime can aid in a more soothing sleep. The candle will help clear the air of particles, which aids in breathing for the sleeper. Certainly, make sure the candle is fully extinguished before going to bed. 

Additionally, burning a beeswax candle in your kitchen or other rooms with odors has further benefits. The negative ions can help neutralize some of the unpleasant smells of certain foods. Anywhere in your house that there are distasteful odors, a beeswax candle can help negate the scents. 

Of all candles, beeswax candles illuminate a room with light the closest to the color of natural sunlight. With a bright flame, beeswax candles can reduce eye strain if they are being used for light. When eye strain is minimized, this can help decrease headaches that can be caused by poor lighting.

Beeswax candles have a high melting point

Because of this, these candles burn more slowly. With such dense wax, beeswax candles are virtually dripless. This makes them safer to burn. It reduces the risk of someone inadvertently burning themselves on the melting wax. 

All candles create a calming ambiance. The slow flicker of light produces a relaxing and mesmerizing visual. This slows us down and reduces our stress. Having a peaceful focal point can aid in mediating. Beeswax candles add another layer of tranquility. The natural scent of the honey and assortment of aromas from the flowers the bees pollinated creates a special setting. 

Variation in Beeswax

How Many Pounds of Beeswax Does It Take to Make a Candle?

Part of its natural allure, beeswax candles will come in shades of different colors and scents. Beeswax is part of the honey making process. Female worker bees release wax from special glands. When the wax is first secreted, it is white. As the bees mix this with propolis and pollen, the different colors of wax emerge. 

The coloring of the wax is also impacted by the length of time it is in the hive. The newest wax made by the bees is called cappings wax. The bees use this wax to cap each of the cells in the honeycomb after they fill the cell with nectar. Since it is virgin wax, it is the lightest. Cappings wax is also the most highly scented. 

Cells in the honeycomb that have been used for breeding have a darker colored wax. This wax will range from a light yellow to deep golden colors. In this area of the honeycomb, the wax is continually exposed to honey, which gives its scent a lot of depth. Brood frames, where the eggs and larvae develop, have the darkest color wax. This wax lacks the sweet scent of other waxes from the hive.

All beeswax will have different hues of color. It will vary from a soft white to a dark brown, with many shades in between. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you add honey to beeswax candles?

You can add honey to your beeswax candles. If you do add honey, fill the containers up until a little more than 0.5 inch of the wick is exposed. Add about a tablespoon of honey to a pint size candle. Some people feel it adds a deeper honey scent. 

Why should I perform a test burn on my candles? 

It is important to perform a test burn on candles that you plan to sell. This step will ensure that you have the correct formula for your wax, the right type of wick, the proper size wick, and a good balance of fragrance. Keep logs, so that you can replicate successful batches. 

Is the size of the wick important?

Yes, the candle’s wick size is important to ensure your candle burns effectively. The diameter of your candle will determine the size of the wick that should be used. Too small of a wick causes your candle to tunnel, and the flame will extinguish. Too large a wick and your candle will smoke, which causes soot. 

What is a wick trimmer?

A wick trimmer is a tool to trim or cut your wicks. It lets you reach into candles in containers to cut wicks to optimal burning height. The trimmer also catches the cut wick so that it does not fall into the candle. 

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