Best Websites On How To Learn To Make Candles

Starting out or learning how to do new things, it doesn’t matter—finding the right blog or website to guide you on your candle making journey is vital and can help—or hurt, if you don’t find the right one. Which websites are the most reliable, and which give the best information?

Best Websites On How To Learn To Make Candles:

Whether you’re making your first candle or just trying to figure out how to make a new style, starting your new business or searching for tips and tricks, check out the following websites to learn more about the industry and what you can do to improve your products. 

All Seasons Wax Company

With a focus on the business side of the candle making industry while also keeping readers up to date on some basics like the best types of wicks. You can learn how to turn your hobby into a business, along with finding out information on how to make candles during cooler months—surprisingly, it matters.

In addition, All Seasons Wax Company provides tips for beginners, information on how to create the best soy candles you can, and even how to create a logo for your candle making business.


Best Websites On How To Learn To Make Candles:

Also, a very successful YouTube channel, CandleScience runs their own website where you can also find tutorials. On their YouTube channel, you can find information on how to choose fragrance oils, make candles, and start your own business. The best part about their website is that you can also choose to purchase the items they discuss online and in their videos for a wholesale price. 

When it comes to learning from CandleScience, note that you have a ton of options varying from “what’s in a fragrance oil” to “soy wax troubleshooting guide.” You have a ton of options on how to learn, but you can also start to branch out to other crafts like soap when you look at a website like CandleScience.


A large player in the candle making market, CandleWic not only sells candle making and soap making supplies, but has a blog where you can learn how to do such crafts. Whether you’re looking on how to choose the right wax or even get product recommendations, CandleWic has helpful information for you as you learn to make candles. 

From CandleWic, you can also access business tips—not just on how to run your business, but how to work through candle shows and even marketing ideas.

Hello Nest

While Hello Nest doesn’t just focus solely on candles, you can find a bunch of tutorials on how to make your own out of items you find in your home. Like the very popular mason jar projects, you can learn how to create those for any time of the year. On top of that, you can learn how to make your own soy wax candles and layered candles.  

Hello Nest also provides information on how to make your own wine bottle candles and essential oil candles, which both lean into the DIY focus that many crafters and hobbyists have leaned into over the past several years. 

Lone Star Candle Supply

Not just a shop where you can purchase American made items, the Lone Star Candle Supply calls their tutorial section their Candle Making University and focuses on teaching visitors through their guides and videos. 

Whether you’re looking for something in writing or a visual explanation, they have information for you. They will also teach you about how to choose the right candle wax, the right wick, how to work with candle dyes, and even how to pick the right jars. The best part is, they talk about the products they sell, so you can turn around and get the supplies you need directly from Lone Star.

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Nature’s Garden

No matter your skill set, you can find what you need in Nature’s Garden. While they are not limited to just candles, you can also learn how to make soap, along with other natural crafts. They offer free online classes and PDF downloads for recipes and manuals, as well. 

The sheer amount of information they have can be overwhelming—if you’re coming to Nature’s Garden for information, considering going in knowing exactly what you want to learn, like about the candle making industry, common mistakes you could be making, or how to price and sell your candles. 


Best Websites On How To Learn To Make Candles:

When it comes to candle making, one of the most important parts of your candle is your scent. Mixing the wrong one can make your candle smell too strong or too weak, and mixing the right one can make your next batch your best yet. Osmology can give you tips and tricks on what candle scents are trending and what works best in a mixture, along with matching vibes and emotion to the proper scents. 

They also have some safety blog posts where you can easily learn how to burn and make candles in the easiest, safest way possible, including how to remove candle wax, how to fix candle tunneling, and how to burn candles safely.

Standley Handcrafted

Another successful YouTube channel, Standley Handcrafted, also sells their products online and provides information in a blog format. Through their website, you can learn how to make your own candle melts, tarts, and candles with their PDF step by step, but you can also purchase these kits from their website. 

In addition, Standley Handcrafted provides some information that no other website has provided in one area—a list of candle terms you might find in their tutorials and others. They also provide both a fragrance load calculator and a candle cost calculator for free—Excel spreadsheets with data built in to help you calculate what you need. 

The Wooden Wick Co

For a one-stop shop, The Wooden Wick Co. can not only give you the supplies you need to start making candles but teach you how to do so. Their organization is fantastic for people looking for a specific sort of lesson—their videos are separated by whether you’re starting your business, just learning how to make candles, need inspiration, or want to complete a specific project. If you do not want to use the video portion of their website, you can also visit their blog for more—again, they have the same headings, so compare and contrast the two if you’re looking for something in particular.

On top of candles, they have information to learn how to make and package soaps as well. In addition to how to’s, you can get their tips on how to grow and thrive in your candle making business. 

Regardless of what you’re searching for, the preceding websites can help you decide what your next steps are in your candle making journey. Whether you’re just trying to start out and purchase the best supplies or are looking for the right type of candle to make next, these websites can help you determine your journey—and help guide you in the right direction. If you find yourself knowing the information presented before you, maybe it’s time to consider starting your own candle making website—don’t be afraid to share what you know, because you don’t know who you could be helping in the process!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What YouTube Channels have the best candle making tutorials?

If you’re looking for video guidance on your candle making journey, there are a number of YouTube channels that can be helpful to you. Bramble Berry has tutorials on how to make candles and test them, along with different recipes. Standley Handcrafted also has tutorials, along with ways to create your own physical store. Searching on Youtube for additional information can be helpful, but stick with the channels with the most subscribers, as they will be the most reliable. 

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What country buys the most candles?

According to data from the Observatory of Economic Complexity, the countries that import the most candles include the United States, Germany, UK, Netherlands and France, while the exports include China, Poland, Vietnam, the United States, and the Netherlands.

Will I make money making and selling my own candles?

The profit margin on candles is 50 percent, meaning you can sell your candles for double the amount of money you put into them. Others may consider candle making an expensive business or hobby, but if you purchase your items wholesale and price your candles to the market, you will make a profit. 

What are the most popular candle scents?

Data from the New York Times’ Strategist, states that in 2020 people were purchasing musky and woodsy scents, including notes of ginger, rum, and vanilla; scents that evoke a fresh and clean mood like lavender and vanilla; and bright, citrus scents like mint, amber, peppermint, and palo santo.

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