Best No Flame Candles

Burning a candle in your home can be a relaxing experience—until you consider the safety of having an open flame. But don’t worry, you have options when it comes to throwing that scent around your home! You can use a no burn candle or a wax melt. But what are the best options?

Best Non Burning Candles

Most candles, wickless or not, can be warmed on a wax warmer, which means most candles can be considered a “no burn” candle. Wax melts are another alternative to candles, and the best brands are:

But what is a no burn candle, and what do you need to eliminate that flame in your home? What makes a no burn candle or wax melt better than the open flame of a candle? What are the benefits of one or the other? Read on to find out more. 

What is a non burning candle?

The definition of a no burn candle is fluid, considering that anything that does not have an open flame can be considered a no burn candle. For most, though, the no burn candle is a wickless candle or something you can place on a candle warmer. 

For all intents and purposes, you can place any sort of candle on a candle warner, regardless of whether it is wickless or not. That means you can turn any candle into a no burn candle. 

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What’s the difference between burning a candle and placing it on a candle warmer?

Best No Flame Candles

Because it does not matter whether the candle is wickless or not, you can use any sort of candle on your candle warmer. 

But is there a difference to how the candle behaves? Yesa candle does smell differently when you burn it versus melting it on a candle warmer. This is called a scent throwits whatever smells that your candle emits during burning or warming. For many candles, there are two types of scent throwsthe hot throw and the cold throw. This is important when youre smelling candles in the store. Your cold throw is the scent when you smell a candle without it burning or melting, like in the store. If this scent is strong, be aware that the hot throw, or the smell when it is burning or melting, can be very strong as well. 

Is there a benefit to warming a candle rather than burning it?

For some, safety is the issue when it comes to having a no burn candle. While the candle warmer is hot to the touch, you do not have the safety issue of having an open flame. This makes it great for homes with pets or childrenor if you frequently forget to extinguish your flame. When you use a candle warmer, your candles also last longer, as the wax doesnt directly burn. 

Burning candles can also sometimes produce soot or put particles into the air. If you have breathing issues, burning a candle may not be the best option for you. Because there is no open flame, a wax burner or candle warmer may be your best bet, as it doesnt produce any chemicals from heating up the candle. 

When it comes to burn time, it truly depends on the type of candle or wax melt. If youre burning a traditional candle with a wick, youll have about 48 hours of burn time or more, depending on what the candle label says. You should also be aware that if you are using a natural candle with natural ingredients, your candle can actually expire. 

Wax melts function differently than a candle warmer, as you can break apart bits of your wax melts to make them last longer. Because of this, your wax melts will have a longer burn time than the traditional candle. These are also great options for when you want to monitor how much scent throw is in your home. The more wax melts you place in your warmer, the stronger the scent. You can even mix together scents in your wax warmer to create your own. 

Are there other options besides wax melting or burning a candle?

If you simply want to get a scent into the air, you can also use a reed diffuser. Reed diffusers are usually some sort of bottle filled with scents with reeds placed into the liquid to release fragrance into the air. The scent inside is usually isopropyl alcohol and a mixture of essential oils. The scent will travel up the reed until it comes out at the top and disperses into the room. 

These are a great option if you dont want to heat up a candle or if you want to keep all natural scents in your home. Reed diffusers almost exclusively use essential oils, meaning they are all natural and do not release any chemicals that may affect your health. Most also last a very long time, but do not have too strong of a scent. 

What are the best no flame candles?

Best No Flame Candles

Because you can put any candle on a wax warmer, you have your choice of no burn candles for your home. But if you’re looking for the best types of wax candles to melt, look for one that has a low melting point. Beeswax, while popular, has a very high melting point at around 140 degrees. Paraffin wax, on the other hand, melts at around 130 degrees, and soy wax melts at around 120 degrees. That means that soy wax is best when you want to melt your wax rather than burn a candle, as the lower melt temperature allows for a lower temperature on your warmer. 

Since any candle can become a no burn candle, the following are the best wax melt brands that you can buy on the market right now. 

Better Homes and Gardens Wax Melts

These wax melts, made by Better Homes and Gardens, come 24 individual wax cubes, each with a burn time of about 6 to 10 hours. They have an easy clean up, but the downside is their scent does not last long after you burn it the first time. 

EBM Creations All Natural Soy Wax Melts

These are fantastic melts for people who want their scents to last a long time. These melts have strong scents—although synthetic—and are compatible with all types of warmers. They are also very inexpensive compared to other brands.

Farm Raised Candles 5 Pack Variety Wax Melts

Naturally made from soy wax and several scents of essential oils, these wax melts come in a variety pack of scents. Most of the blocks have a burn time of four or more hours.

ScentSationals Wax Cubes

If you’re looking for a low price for all sorts of scents, ScentSationals has options for you. They also have other supplies, such as warmers and even essential oils and scent charms. 

Scentsy Wax Bars

For a brand with an extensive collection of scents, Scentsy can get you what you need. It is also a one stop shop for all sorts of supplies, including warmers for your wax.

For all the brands out there that you can choose from, it’s important to remember safety. Even without an open flame, having a hot surface can cause issues if you have children or pets who like to explore, so monitor your warmer when you’re using it and enjoy the scent throw of your non burn candles. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a dedicated wax warmer to heat up my candles?
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For all intents and purposes, no, you do not need a dedicated wax warmer to warm up your candles. If you have a wood burning stove or heated stove in your home, you can place a heat safe container or plate under your candle and heat it up that way. Coffee warmers are also a great way to heat up your candles, as long as you protect the warmer with an additional heat safe plate or container. 

What is the healthiest candle to burn?

If you decide to burn your candles, beeswax candles tend to be the healthiest. As they are made from a natural source, you do not have the chemicals that wax like paraffin might put off. For an even healthier option, make sure your wicks burn without soot or chemicals as well. Beeswax can also help purify the air by releasing negative ions into a room. 

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