Are Candle Making Kits Worth it? And Which Ones to Buy

If you plan to start running a business making candles on a site like Etsy or perhaps your site, you need materials. As you scour the Internet looking for materials, you’ll come across things like kits. You may be considering these kits to possibly use to start your venture. However, are wondering if they are worth it? Well kind of:

Yes, Candle making kits are worth it because:

  • Kits Are a Good Way to Learn How to Make Candles Before Investing a Lot of Money
  • Kits Have Materials You Can Use After the Wax is Gone

The best kits for starters are:

  • SUPERSUN Candles Making Kit for Adults
  • Hearts & Crafts DIY Candle Making Kit and Candle Making Supplies
  • The DilaBee Candle-Making Kit,

Kits Are a Good Way to Learn How to Make Candles Before Investing a Lot of Money

One of the biggest things the Internet, particularly Youtube, has given us is the ability to learn a new skill from the comfort of our own home without having to pay for classes or try to find someone to teach us.

The downside is that watching someone on Youtube do a thing they have years of experience (and most likely professional experience) doing is a lot different than actually doing it. This is something most of us learn once a year.  We’ve all been there. We see somebody showing us how to cook a bunch of complex recipes,  some housing/car enhancement project, or some video about computer programming. We see those videos and we go all in.

Are Candle Making Kits Worth it? And Which Ones to Buy

We spend money on all the tools and materials thinking that doing the thing we saw on the Internet is as easy as watching. Sometimes this goes well, but often, reality sets in. It isn’t as fun we thought or we aren’t as good as we thought we’d be. Or perhaps we simply find that we don’t have enough free time. The result is that we’re out a lot of money and there’s a lot of clutter in the closet.

Candle-making kits are ideal for when you’re just starting. You don’t know if this is something you want to do. You also don’t know how to make candles. Kits come with detailed instructions. While videos can be helpful, some people learn better through reading instructions rather than watching. Having instructions can also be helpful if you don’t have a reliable Internet connection.

Though kits only have small amounts of materials, you will have everything you need to make candles. This is easier than trying to find all the materials separately. What’s good about this is that when you’re just starting, you may not know what materials you need. It can be extremely easy to forget something at the hobby store. It’s also possible your store might be out of something. you need. Kits have everything you need right in the box so you don’t have to delay practicing.

That said, the scents kits come with are often limited to the most popular scents. So if you want to make a more unconventional scent, you’ll have to buy the oils directly rather than rely on the kit. But, it’s better to focus on learning to make candles before you start worrying about trying to make unique scents. More unconventional fragrance oils can be harder to find and expensive so it’s better to practice using the fragrance oils that come with the kit.

How expensive is a candle making hobby?

Kits Have Materials You Can Use After the Wax is Gone

While basic kits don’t come with a lot of extra accessories, more advanced kits have things you can reuse when you start your business. Melting pots can be hard to clean after you put wax in them so it’s hard to justify using a pot of your own. Luckily, most kits come with their own pots that you can reuse.

They also come with thermometers and mixing spoons, both of which are vital to the process. Reusable silicone molds will help you craft freestanding candles  Kits also come with carving tools that will help you clear off excess wax and make the candles look neat. The fact that these are reusable will help cut down on startup business costs, often the most difficult part of starting a business.

However, as your business grows, you may need to buy more of these materials. Still, what kits provide is a good place to start.

Soy Wax, Beeswax or Parrafin

Are Candle Making Kits Worth it? And Which Ones to Buy

Before we go into what kits to make, let’s talk about waxes. There are three kinds of waxes candles are made from Paraffin, soy, and beeswax. Paraffin, the most common, is a byproduct of the fossil fuel industry. It’s often drippy and can make a mess that is hard to clean up if the candle is not in a jar. The fact that paraffin is made from fossil fuels can be a turn-off for environmentally-conscious customers.

Soy wax is, as I’m sure you have probably guessed, is made from soybeans. Because they are naturally white, they blend well with other colors and it has a less-noticeable scent so it’s easier to blend different scents into it. However, they burn quicker than paraffin.

Beeswax is a product from the honey industry that has been used in candle-making for millennia  Many consider it to be the best kind of wax and there is a degree of admiration in the candle-making community for those who are good at making candles from beeswax. Beeswax produces a natural honey-like aroma. This can be a good or bad thing. If you don’t intend to use fragrances or use ones that compliment honey, it’s easy to work with. However, using other fragrances can be hard since the natural honey scent can overpower them.

SUPERSUN Candles Making Kit for Adults

The SUPERSUN kit is a great kit for beginners on a budget. It has 100 wicks and wick stickers. There are 12 pounds of beeswax, four kinds of dyes, and multiple kinds of fragrances. The kit comes with a reusable melting cup and easy-to-follow instructions. The best part is the price. If you find that candle-making isn’t for you, you’re only out $33.

Hearts & Crafts DIY Candle Making Kit and Candle Making Supplies

This kit is for people who have already established themselves making candles. It has all the basics one needs to restock your supplies. The kit is barebones since it’ just has soy wax, wicks, and centering devices. However, the problem might be that it’s too barebones. It lacks jars, tins, coloring, and fragrance oils. However, this is good if you need wax.

The DilaBee Candle-Making Kit

As far as thoroughness goes, the DilaBee Kit has everything you need if you want to start making scented candles. It has wax, wicks, straighteners, tins with lids, colorings, and scents. This kit is ideal for beginners because it has all the basics for making scented candles.

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1. Are there downsides to kits?
While commercial kits have their uses, they do have a flaw. They’re not designed to be used as business startup materials. Kits are designed to be gifts or family activities. If you’re planning to start a business, kits will lose their usefulness once you’ve mastered making candles and have reusable items that come in them. The reusable items can easily become clutter. Plus, the scents kits can offer are limited. If you get a request for a specific scent or want to try something new, you’ll have to go beyond what kits can offer and go looking for scents and colors in other places.

2. What are some things I should know before starting?
Basic safety rules. Making candles can be dangerous. You should follow the instructions that come with your kit carefully. Be sure to make your candles in a clean and organized space. When you store your supplies, they should be kept away from heaters and away from children.

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